Mentovision's cloud hosted learning and information system improves learner achievement and teacher performance

Learning Management

Get the system that creates a virtual learning environment in which students can learn and grow, anywhere, any time. Simplify teaching by integrating all content and tools in one easy place for students to thrive in the classroom in an interactive environment which is adaptable, reliable and customisable. 

  • Constantly monitor student progress with a single view of all their learning activities, in order to adjust their learning where necessary.
  • Enhance student scheduling, communication, collaboration and real time class discussions online
  • Students have fast and convenient access to grades, assignments, discussions, course calendars, video lectures, messaging, reports, peer review projects and much more.
  • Teachers and parents track and report student activity online.
  • Grading is made easy with online speed grading which also allows parents access to up-to-date grades.
  • Use video conferencing and Apps to transform learning.


Student Information

All information on individual students is made readily available to the appropriate people in an easy-to-access profile.

With Mentovision you are able to record school attendance for groups or individual learners, view a student’s recent or full history to establish patterns of absence, generate school absence reports, allow parents to view attendance data, and closely monitor truancy.

Keep a close eye on student behaviour with school generated descriptor and severity lists, along with individual comments and details of follow up.

Eliminate the need for paper forms when you allow certain users (staff, parents) to update personal and medical data for members of their families.  

Advertise job openings, and accept applications. Effortlessly turn those applicants into staff members with the creation of automatic accounts. You are also able to create a shared directory of staff, giving relevant users access to summarised or full details.


Other administration tools

Reporting to the Department of Basic Education.

Managing fees, billing schedules and invoices; setting up email invoices, receipts and payment reminders.

Tracking payments as they arrive, and generating lists of families who have outstanding payments.

School and User administration, including control aspects of the school such as school years, year groups, form groups, houses, terms, school days and administering users, families, student enrollment, medical data, and data updates.


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